Jan. 4th, 2017

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Well, I'm not clinically depressed.

Traveling through three cities just to go grocery shopping was a pain in the ass. All that way and the store didn't even have pumpkin pie spice. This is why I need to shop at co-ops. I've become accustomed to relatively easy access to specialty grocery items, and I use them daily. I almost missed the last bus home, too.

You know what irks me? Novel titles that give no information whatsoever about the story. Consider a book called Their Eyes Were Watching God. What the hell is that about? When I come across novels with titles like this, I quickly put them back on the shelf or pass them by because I know the story will probably be boring. There's some sort of relationship between overly creative titles and dull novels.

Hey! I ran into another vegan today. She rang up my food at the grocery store and asked me if I was a vegan after grabbing my Daiya supreme pizza. Go vegans.
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