Jan. 11th, 2017

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The same outcome. I'm psychologically tired. There doesn't seem to ever be any payoff for me. I guess I'm just about past the point of hating people, though. It's like hating sharks for swimming. My expectations are too low and I'm too tired to hate. Just another disappointment, another evening feeling down.

I have a neurology appointment tomorrow.

I finally got down to working on my editorial services contract this evening. I was close to finishing. Then the laptop died. Permanently, apparently. I couldn't power it back up. So I'll have to re-write everything I guess.

I called my rep at the housing authority today. I'll have to have given the landlord notice before I can be issued a new housing voucher, which I'll need to secure a new apartment. That isn't as bad as I'd feared (I was afraid that I'd have to have vacated the apartment before being issued a new voucher), but it may be difficult to find a landlord who's willing to wait the thirty days for me to move in.

The rep said that the housing market is bad right now. If I weren't so attached to this area (and relatively safe here), I'd consider up and leaving for something really far off. I still haven't ruled out the Santa Cruz area. Just up north of Sacramento is supposedly cheap, peaceful, and rural, but I'm not sure if I'd be treated well there.
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