Mar. 8th, 2017

improperlyhuman: (Default)
I feel even better today! Too bad I've changed so many things that I don't know what's caused it.

I tried another route through the "gently rolling hills" this afternoon. Too bad I can't easily upload pics to this crap. Anyways, that road was crazy steep as well, so, after struggling to the top of it and staring dumbfounded at the peaks ahead while I caught my breath, I just sat a spell and enjoyed the sunshine, the view, and the quiet.

I was actually able to have clear thoughts today. Such a glorious thing it is, to think without brain fog!

I sent yet another email to my VocRehab counselor. I received a return receipt, but no response. I'm going to call DOR and complain about this bullshit.

Whenever I ask for advice, the stuff people say seems to make little sense. It's very strange.
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