Mar. 16th, 2017

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Today I finally saw someone about my fatigue and joint pain (the latter of which is almost entirely gone). I was seen in another branch of the same clinic back when I was homeless, roundabouts 2014, so they have some of my medical history.

At the end of my visit, I received a copy of the summary of today's visit, which also listed issues from my medical history (why, I don't know). The summary says that I have a "history" of Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

It gets better. Also listed was a history of Vitamin D deficiency, headaches, and chronic fatigue (those at least are accurate). Next to this list of conditions was a column entitled "Chronic," where every single condition was marked "N" (presumably meaning "no"). Autism not a chronic condition! Ok. Not even the "chronic fatigue" is chronic, apparently. The "Onset Date" for every single condition was today. LOL.

This is the clinic that referred me to the autism specialist in Sacramento (who refused to assess me after seeing my test results from the Berkeley school, about which I regret telling them). Someone probably got my Asperger's referral mixed up with an Asperger's diagnosis. Why autism is listed as a separate condition, I've no idea.

My doctor (who is actually probably some sort of nurse) just went through a questionnaire with me and sent me for a bunch of blood and urine tests: thyroid, diabetes, Vitamin D deficiency, and a bunch of others that I don't recognize. Rheumatoid something-or-other and a full urinalysis. I got all those done today. I didn't really need to go, so I'm worried that I didn't provide enough urine. I go back for my results in about three weeks.

I'm going to try to find funds so that I can afford the taxi service available to me through paratransit. People talking non-stop on the little shuttle today, both out of town and on the way back! I saw myself stabbing one of them. Then I started having tremors again. Tremors, whatever! I don't know what to call it.

And dammit! I had them right there in front of the doctor. And she did jack shit! Just asked me if I took medication for it.

My head shook so violently that it suddenly made my headache worse. I grabbed my head and said "ow," and so she asked me if I was ok, to which I replied, "not really." I told her that I was having tremors, and she asked me if that was the "sensation" I was experiencing. The hell?! I told her that it wasn't a sensation, it was actual goddamned movement of my head! My head was shaking back and forth! I was sitting there like three feet away from her while she was looking dead at me! Could she not see it?!

The neurologist had told me to go to the emergency room if these tremors happened again. But I didn't know how long I'd be in the emergency room, and I didn't want to miss the bus back home. And I wanted to get those tests taken care of so that I wouldn't have to drop another six dollars to get back into town just to have blood drawn. So I biked across town to the lab instead of going to the hospital (of course the clinic's in-house lab closed super early).
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