Mar. 17th, 2017

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I had the whole damned day to work on my client's blog post and I couldn't even manage to start. I sat for hours here in this lawn chair with my head in my hand, waiting for the energy to return to me. It didn't come until this evening. I tend to feel more energetic in the evenings, and I don't know why.

My skin is peeling again. I'm treating it the same way I've been treating it, so I don't know what the problem is. My face is filthy, my pores full of white gunk that is spilling out of them like little worms. Less than $300 in my bank account. My life is a mess. I can't do even the simplest chores. A pail of bloody pads will be stinking up the bathroom soon if I don't do some laundry.

Once I get this fatigue under control...shit, forgot what I was gonna say.

My voc rehab counselor finally responded to my email. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do. I won't be able to study for the editing certificate with no energy.

Well. At least I've been in a good mood lately. Worrying about shit is such a waste of energy. No more anger. No more banging my head against the wall. Not really any hitting myself in the head either, just one or two light taps when my neighbor gets me worked up. It's under control.

I remember! Once I get the fatigue under control, I need to start adulting a little better. If not for the white paint on the kitchen cabinets (which made the gooey hand marks visible), I would never have even thought of scrubbing the cabinet doors.
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