Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Yay. My back felt much better today, on account, I suspect, of my having laid off the cycling for a couple of days. I was able to squat 95 lbs. again, albeit for fewer reps than I normally would do.

That proto-shrink told me that my random sweating, feeling cold, and other physical symptoms were signs of anxiety, and she diagnosed me with GAD on the basis of those symptoms, I think, because I did not tell her that I ever felt anxious or suffered any psychological symptoms of anxiety.

But, while researching fatigue today, I came across information suggesting that these symptoms are characteristic of hypoglycemia. I can't remember if I told her that I'm hypoglycemic, but I think that I probably did because I remember being asked about my medical conditions during the evaluation.

But I do have anxiety, at least, I do now. Did I have it before? Did I not notice it before? I didn't think of myself as having anxiety before that evaluation, and didn't for some time after. What changed?

I keep getting myself into conversations that give me anxiety. There's really nothing bad about these conversations, so I go ahead and keep having them, hoping, perhaps subconsciously, that the anxiety will one day go away. But it isn't going away. Didn't someone say that facing one's fears would help one to conquer them?

The thing is, legitimate fears cannot be conquered. To not fear realistic threats is to be profoundly psychologically damaged. Fear is one of the most effective survival instincts.
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