Mar. 28th, 2017

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I once again complained to the housing authority about the non-functional heating in my apartment. My housing tech had sent the housing inspector out here, and he'd told me that something would be done about the heating, but nothing has happened.

My housing tech told me that the landlord had told her that the heating unit worked but maybe heated only the room it's in (why that is acceptable, I don't know). That's a lie; I can't feel any heat from that thing standing on the other side of the living room and the temperature is quite low.

The shady slumlord had told me he was looking for a new heater, then he comes with this lie. He came to the apartment and checked the heater himself!

And what the hell was the inspector supposed to do? Presumably my housing tech sent him over; he didn't check the heater at all, just told me something would be done, yet the housing tech has the idea that the heater works.

Now it's past working hours so I can't even get this resolved today. Soooo frustrated.

I also went to buy taxi scrip today. I don't want to suffer another trip on that goddamned shuttle and I need to go pick up my hair clippers and other stuff I left at my ex-friend's house when I was homeless. Because I qualified for ADA paratransit, I have access to taxi service at a discounted rate. I also qualify for a doubly discounted ($20 per $100 worth of taxi service) rate because I'm low-income.

The first time I went in, the clerk tried to sell me the scrip at the non-low-income rate ($40) because she didn't recognize the new ADA card. So I called the mobility office, someone sorted it out, and I went back a bit later.

Then the clerk told me that the scrip is quarterly and would expire at the end of this month (and is non-refundable)! I hadn't known that. I plan to use it to go grocery shopping next month, so I don't need it now, but she didn't know when the new scrip would be in because the mobility office doesn't send it over on any particular day. Nice. So now I can't plan my trip. I'll probably need to schedule the taxi ahead of time.

Ok, I just called one of the taxi services and the guy said that I wouldn't have to call ahead of time. I think he said the trip I want would cost $65-$75 dollars' worth of scrip. Actually, it'll be more than that because I forgot how far I have to go. Shit. shit shit shitty situation. middle of nowhere with shitty transportation, shitty apartment, and shitty, over-priced amenities. And windy as all hell out here. I had to scuttle today's cycling plans.

Well food stamp day is the second of the month, a Sunday, so I won't be able to take the regular shuttle on top of not being able to take a taxi. I think the farmer's market has started back up; I'll check that out and, I hope. find some reasonably priced organic produce there. First I have to find out if they take food stamps, then I have to find out where the hell it is. I may have to cross the damned highway to get to it.

At the farmer's markets they give out these huge yellow tokens for people with food stamps to exchange for food. I really don't like dealing with it but I sure do like getting that farm fresh produce. And I don't feel comfortable with people around here knowing that I use food stamps. People can be resentful and stuff.

I can't even afford that $20 for taxi scrip but that shuttle is killing me. Obamaphone2 at top volume with my headphones is not loud enough to block out the talking; ear plugs + ear defenders don't block it out. I need my hair clippers because I can't afford to go the barber. My own haircutting work doesn't look much worse than hers.


Mar. 28th, 2017 11:04 pm
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I started laughing because I ran across a Yahoo! answers question about a boyfriend and girlfriend being white and their baby looking black. My abs hurt a bit. SUCCESS. I know I'm developing those ab muscles when that shit hurt.

I finally gave in and de-loaded down to 85 lbs. this evening. I was relieved and finally over the nice round-sounding 100 lbs. My form was much better, my back less stressed.
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