Apr. 2nd, 2017

improperlyhuman: (Default)
My back feels much better.

I deadlifted 135 lbs. today. Deadlift progress isn't coming so easily any more, and it is becoming more dangerous for my back. Time to revisit form.

I'm eager to see if I make more gainz on my high protein diet.

Tomorrow I will contact the agency that helps disabled people get telecommuting jobs. I sooo hope they have something for me. I have less than three hundred dollars to my name and no work in sight. Not only do I want to move away from here asap, I want to purchase a rowing machine because spinning is boring and I need more cardio.

This www.waterrower.com/us/water-resistance is gorgeous. I haven't looked at the price yet. I like to watch water sloshing around, so that'll make the machine that much more non-boring than the spinning bike. Too bad there is no cardio machine that comes with the equivalent of a top-load washer for me to watch.

Hmm maybe time for me to get some new icons.

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