Apr. 27th, 2017

improperlyhuman: (Default)
That therapy messed me up and I don't even know how because I haven't been thinking about what we talked about or what happened. I still feel terrible and have even been thinking about suicide. I'm exhausting myself with my own emotions.

Just keep plodding on, day by day iconoclass.

Well my new VA housing coordinator finally contacted me about finding a new apartment. But I can no longer afford a moving truck. Ha.

Oh yeah, so feeling like an idiot. Shit everything always sounds better in my mind than it sounds typed up. What if I feel out of step with people just because I'm late to the game? I mean not socializing when I was young. What if it's not so much my personality, whatever problems I have with my brain, just under-maturation, lack of experience in the social realm? And I just missed out so much that I can't catch up. And I'm still missing out.

Eh whatever. No point in speculating I guess.
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