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My barbell arrived today. There is a "Fragile" sticker on the package. A fragile, 2-inch thick length of steel.

I cannot get it out of the package. It is in a thick cardboard tube. I pried off the stapled plastic end cap, but there is an aluminum end cap underneath, attached to the cardboard with what are apparently rivets. I e-mailed the manufacturer for tips and was told to do something with the rivets involving pliers, I don't quite understand what, but the rivets cannot be completely removed. No workout tonight.

I have been thinking about why I got myself banned from a certain forum back in 2014. It was a nice forum; I liked it. However, I wasn't able to engage anyone in conversation to my satisfaction. Someone told me that she didn't respond to my threads because my intellect seemed too developed for her. What in the hell. I became frustrated without fully recognizing it. I stopped giving a shit and  skirted the rules twice in a row. First, a warning, then, a banning.

Someone just posted an 8,600 word proofreading job with a one hour deadline. $9 is the total pay, and the poster has the nerve to request a native English speaker. The posting comes from the United States. I hate it when U.S. companies try to take advantage of contractors like this. It's bad enough that they outsource work to second- and third-world countries for a few dollars an hour, but they must know that native English speakers cannot profit from such low wages. They just don't give a shit. They may not have much money, but I know damned well that they can afford to pay more than ten cents per 100 words.

Oh good, the job is no longer available, and no one was hired. I was trying to think up a reason to flag it. Just noticed that the job is also categorized at the "Intermediate" experience level, and the posting title begins "Experienced proofreader." I wonder what goes through these clients' minds sometimes. Do they really believe that they will receive anything but trash under such conditions?

I conducted an experiment last night. I went to sleep on top of my sleeping bag liner instead of inside of it like I normally do. No sweating! After I returned from a trip to the restroom, I got inside the liner. I woke up sweating! This is bizarre. Why would the sleeping bag liner cause me to sweat? I wonder if my outsides get too warm without my noticing it because my insides are always cold. It seems that I don't maintain a normal body temperature.

So I won't be sleeping inside the liner anymore, which is a problem because I feel cold without the liner. Last night, I kept the heat on until just before bedtime so that I could fall asleep without feeling cold. Once I'm asleep, the cold doesn't bother me so much.
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I had a dental cleaning today. It was mildly painful. The dentist told me that my enamel had worn away. I asked if my teeth would always be sensitive. Come to think of it, she didn't give me a straight answer. She told me to use a fluoride toothpaste. So I went and bought some after the appointment. I looked through quite a few brands before I found one that both contained fluoride and left out sodium lauryl anything.

We still don't know if I'll be able to get fillings. The dentist needs my dental history to determine which, if any, of the teeth that are bothering me are the ones I had filled a couple of years back. Obamacare only covers fillings for a given tooth once every three years. I don't have VA dental coverage.

I told the dentist about the ever-present sweet taste in my mouth and she asked me if I was diabetic. I can't be diabetic, can I? I feel like a million bucks. I eat well and exercise, and I'm not overweight. I haven't been having symptoms of low blood sugar lately. Wait, maybe diabetics don't get those. I've e-mailed the VA transportation service twice, but no one responded, so I kind of gave/put off the labs until January/maybe indefinitely because I feel fine.

I had a great idea for a womyn's magazine today. It would be filled with useful information for womyn who don't bullshit through life. Articles about DIY around the house, comfortable clothing, economic independence, and getting fit and strong. None of this crap about how to get skinny in a week, how to be cute and attract men, or how to waste money on the wardrobe of a prostitute.

There was a latex job that I wanted so bad, I learned the required graphics package on a whim this evening. Well, not all of it, but enough to create some example work to boost my application and qualify me for the job.

Upwork regularly hosts numerous jaw-droppingly absurd job posts (I've been particularly amused by the requests for Facebook-like websites for $100), but in the last few days someone has repeatedly posted five to ten thousand word editing jobs, offering less than forty dollars total and demanding less than twenty-four hours turnaround time. The posts are fairly easy to recognize, as they all specify "no time wasters." I wonder how crappy this person's jobs are turning out to be.

Well, I'm off to apply for another job. I'm having a difficult time applying with complete confidence because I don't have a portfolio to show off my skills. I'm not supposed to keep copies of the work I've edited, so I have very little that I can legally show to potential clients. It's very tempting to use others' papers. No one would be likely to ever find out. I'd remove the identifying information from the documents, and most of the authors are on the other side of the world, clearly barely able to speak English.
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Female Model

Hi freelancer we urgently required a female model from USA,Asia for our Adult must send your snaps and videos samples.we ,and also the web url if you have some experienced.we will deal for... (Budget: $1500-$3000 USD, Jobs: Anything Goes, Dating, Video Upload, XXX)

i want some body to draw ufo-space ship best quality best 3D by vico21

I need some one to dra a space ship 1020× 203px Must be good andthis quality or br dead If you dont know how to draw that wuialty dont post... (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Illustration)

Facebook Fans 100,000+

I'm looking to add 100,000 Facebook fans < Qualified bidders only! > Please only bid if you can deliver with requirements below. Time Line: Must be completed in 2 weeks or less - All fans must... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Facebook)

20k Facebook fans

20k Facebook fans(US Targeted) -all must be real people -come from US -no bots -dont get the accounts suspended -fans and followers must be active -Dont required admin access (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Advertising, Bulk Marketing, Facebook, Internet Marketing, Social Networking)

12th Player Global Consciousness

 During the 2002 World Cup, hosted by Korea and Japan, the Korean people united, and out of their “Korean-ness” created what they called the 12th Player; a national-level invisible spirit person consciousness, which influenced the outcome of a world event.
My hope is to do whatever I can to “gather the good” and create a 12th Player Global Consciousness, which is centered on true love, and guided by an absolute conscious that knows right from wrong.
I have over 700 audio recordings of thoughts, notes and ideas, centering on Korea’s founding principle Devotion to the Welfare of Humankind. Many of these recordings are about the 12th Player Global Consciousness. I want a professional wordsmith to gleaned through some of these files and prepare 5-7 pages of well structured material to get me started writing a paper on this important topic. I want someone who is of like-mind, and is equipped with advanced English. You must be familiar with Microsoft 2003 Track Changes and can make constructive editing comments that will help me develop my own English. If all goes well on this test project then the door is open for long term collaboration. see attachment
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Write Ebook

I need someone to write ebook about how to catch a girl on facebook.
it should be 40 pages and for mans, ages 18-35.

you should write about:
which photo you should use, how your profile need to look like.
how to find one-night-stand.
how to find a long relationship.

10 Page Complaint in Editable Word Doc Needed - oDesk

 I need someone to type a complaint up for me in Word.

I need to be able to make edits to the document.

I need this done & delivered with NO ERRORS within 2 hours after accepting the job.

I will provide you with the complaint.


cartoon duo female singer and bald head guitarist by nighthero69

i need a drawing of me and my girlfriend singing and a bald head man playing guitar ( a flying V ) i will provide photos in action. this is for my poster. the design must look like betty and veronica archie style... (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Arts & Crafts, Illustration)
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