Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I've got the Windows machine set up with the monitor resting on top of my trumpet case, which is resting on top of the tower. Given that working that way gave me a migraine, it's probably not a good or sustainable set-up.

Sure was nice to work with Word's Review features instead of the clunky review features of WPS Writer. But that white document background was killing me. I changed it to blue and forgot to change it back before sending the client the blue document. She said the blue was better on her eyes, lol.

I finally got to edit the sort of material I thought that I preferred: a research paper. The job was actually something of a pain in the ass. No, it wasn't. The pain is the ass was my worrying about doing a good job.

About one-third of the way through the job, the client said I'd delivered just what she was looking for, and still I worried about doing a good job. Actually, that doesn't represent anxiety: that represents high standards and the knowledge that clients (as laypeople) often aren't the best judges of editing skill.

I've been thinking about moving back to the Santa Cruz area instead of living in rural areas. I want to make cycling a huge part of my life. Flat farmland makes for windy conditions, which are a pain to ride in. But the Santa Cruz mountains block the wind. The area has great bike paths, and there is a fun and absolutely gorgeous bike route that goes through the woods. 

Something is off about me (what else is new). Surely it is not normal for a thirty-six-year-old adult to rely so heavily on lists and reminders to keep an apartment clean. Is it my organizational skills? I haven't had much trouble organizing other things, like work and studies. 

Is it that I've never had my own place before?

Is it my dissatisfying life making me want to stay in my head rather than attend to the physical reality of life? If that were so, I wouldn't be so motivated to go out cycling, I think.

Being in my head is a part of my personality, a trait I've had since I was small. Maybe housekeeping is something that is both too boring for me to consistently mind-emerge for it and too important for me to ignore how much trouble I have with it. Finally met my match.

I ate a whole box of cereal yesterday.

My copy of Personality Type: An Owner's Manual arrived today. While taking the typing test in the book (a sort of test I've taken several times online), I was, perhaps stupidly, somewhat afraid that I wouldn't get the same result as I've gotten in the past (INTJ).

I guess I was afraid because I'm trying to use this typing system for guidance, and doing so requires me to be secure in my type. Or I've just gotten attached to thinking of myself as an INTJ, regardless of how I intend to use that information. 

My new copy of The Chicago Manual of Style also arrived today, and now I must familiarize myself with it. I am not at all looking forward to this.

This research editing project I took on was my first job working with my new workflow: instead of completing all the editing (two passes and one proofreading phase) before submitting the finished work, I completed one pass and sent the document back to the client for approval and answers to my queries that I planned to incorporate after she returned the document, in the second pass.

Still no website! To take up work with my own clients (rather than clients I meet through freelancing sites), I'll need to have a contract for them to sign. I need a lawyer to write up this contract. I can't afford that right now. I also need an escrow service to make sure I get paid. Can't afford that right now.

So I haven't bothered with the website because I won't be ready to conduct business even if I have a website. I'm overwhelmed with the business aspect of this business. I just want to edit, not chase down clients. Still, I know that relying on freelancing sites for work is risky, even for someone like me, who needs to earn very little. (My yearly income was less than ten thousand dollars last year.)
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