Jan. 8th, 2017

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I can barely even concentrate long enough to post in this journal. I jump from one thing to another and play atris in between. I manage to get things done piece by piece. I can't focus on my books even though I want very much to read them. What's going on with me?

The landlord is coming tomorrow morning, and I'm dreading it. I always get anxious about having landlords and property managers over because I'm paranoid that they'll find that I've done something destructive to the apartment, or will be upset that the apartment is messy.

I suddenly have an unusual amount of restless energy tonight. What am I gonna do with that?? I'll give you a hint: it involves a battery.

Despite eating healthier, less calorie-dense foods, I've gained weight, presumably because I've not been cycling all day like I did when I was living in the shelter. My thighs and gut are too big.

Lifting doesn't seem to do much for weight loss, even when paired with a bit of cardio. I either have to be on that bike all day (which I want badly to do) or diet (which I really do not want to do. In fact, I'm grumpy and hungry right now). The spinning bike is no substitute; riding it is way too damned boring for me to replicate the length of the workouts I get on my bicycle.

Oh thank goodness, I'm finally getting sleepy.  Merciful unconsciousness.
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