Jan. 15th, 2017

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I worked out hard today, and I feel great! Or rather, I felt great; now I'm a bit sleepy. I'm starting to lift heavy again, and I'm upping my squat reps, so I'm gonna have to up the protein intake. I really want some brown lentils, but I can only find them online. I would also like to have bean burritos as one of my daily meals, but there aren't any healthy vegan tortillas (or gluten-free), at least, not any affordable ones. I'd have to make my own, and that'll take too much effort.

Someone from the womyn's land I visited emailed me this evening. I'd hoped that they'd forget about me. I told her that I wouldn't be coming back, at least, not any time soon. I may visit one day (not likely), but I'm not planning to live there anymore.

Found another road at the edge of town that isn't completely paved, so I  had to turn around and come back to town. What's up with the unpaved roads around here? Did the transportation department run out of money? I want to move away soooo badly.

The oat bran I got (not from the co-op) is hard and cut larger than what I'm used to, so it isn't as enjoyable and I really don't want to use that store again. I could take the bus out of town and cycle 44.5 miles (one way) to the co-op, but I'm not in shape enough to make it back.

I really had no idea how isolated this place is.
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