Jan. 16th, 2017

improperlyhuman: icon says: Radical Feminism: Females First. Always. (females first)
Was supposed to go cycling today, but I felt down and didn't want to put up with the wind again.

I felt down because I'm tired of having to keep my mouth shut about feminism! But I don't want to expose myself to hostile men. I even tried talking about my sense of isolation and unsafeness on the veteran's crisis chat (which still doesn't load without my allowing Google Analytics! I even tried refreshing Firefox and had to re-install all my add-ons.) That didn't help. I felt worse as it progressed, the responses came very slowly, and at some point my Internet connection conked out again!

Then I decided to try out Reddit, which I'd previously written off as a sort of cesspool (portions of it probably are), but there are radfem groups that weren't being invaded by misogynists and gaslighters, and even a lesbian group that's for females only! it felt great to be amongst like-minded people.

I've turned my garbage can and recycling bin upside down to discourage people from from tossing their crap in them.

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