Jan. 19th, 2017

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I waited half the day to start working on one of my long-term client's blog posts yesterday, then the storm knocked out an electrical pole or something. So the work was just over an hour late today (my client probably didn't even notice) and I nearly froze to death last night.

It like wasn't even a real storm? Just raining moderately hard with a bit of wind. Wimpy California storms.

So in addition to the computer desk and surge protector I can't afford, I also need an uninterruptible power supply.

Damn I feel good after a hard workout.

I used to live almost entirely in my head when I was young. I would skip meals, skip sleep, and hold my bladder to the point of feeling ill just to continue reading a book. I'm glad I decided to live in my body as well. Feels great and I'm not hopelessly overweight anymore.

I feel embodied. As opposed to just being inside some sort of vessel that's continually dragging me away from things with its repetitive and boring needs. Eating the same thing every day on the same schedule (every three hours) took care of the latter concern.

The embodiment is kind of a circular thing: being in my body more helped me to enjoy being in my body more. Paying attention to my physical needs and attending to them made embodiment more enjoyable. And coming to see that some of my intellectual activities were pointless and compulsive knowledge-hoarding helped as well. The sense of embodiment dampens my compulsions.

A can of expired organic soybeans was on sale at the local supermarket. I decided to try it since I'm planning to increase my protein consumption. I added five ounces of the beans to the soup I have for fourth meal. Not very tasty at all. I'll stick with brown lentils, thanks, even with the lower protein content.

Dunno why, but the county has put an extra twenty dollars cash on my EBT card, and that's just over what I need for five pounds of those lentils I posted about last time.
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