Feb. 9th, 2017

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Another day of weakness! Another day of destroying my diet with extra calories and making an unplanned grocery store trip for protein bars.

I give up on trying to get sufficient protein from whole foods. I'm lifting nowhere near as much as I want to lift, yet to sustain even that I have to eat more than I want to, more than my fat-loss regimen can succeed on. I'm tired of cooking navy beans everyday, especially since they apparently never provide enough protein. So it's protein powder for me!

I found a simple organic and non-gmo protein powder on Amazon and ordered two containers this evening. Nutiva Hemp Protein, only 25 bucks with shipping. Hemp is the only ingredient. The healthiest powders seem to contain the least protein per serving. That's ok; I'd rather have to buy more of the powder than eat xanthum/guar/acacia gum, added sweeteners, and goddess knows what else.

I'm relieved. I get to continue my gainz and go back to my beloved high-carb diet. I wasn't feeling this beans for lunch thing. I miss the sweetness and easy cooking that comes with having sweet potatoes for lunch every day. Too bad I'll have to wait until next month to return to my old diet.

I'm still gonna try to get some protein from whole foods; I'll eat a bit more oat bran, for example. Greens provide protein, and I enjoy brown lentils in my dinner soup.

I hit a lifting milestone this evening. I can finally overhead press 15 lbs. without a massive struggle. It feels good. Overhead press progress is a bit non-linear because I'm not strong enough to simply add 5 pounds every week like I do with the other lifts.

Speaking of adding weight, I think I'll hold off on that until my protein powder arrives. I don't want to get even weaker/hungrier than I am at this point before my dietary solution is in place.

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