Feb. 16th, 2017

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Fatigue worse today, doesn't seem to be nutrition-related. I called the advice nurse and she advised me to go to the emergency room, especially after I remembered and told her that PG&E found my stove's CO2 emissions to be out of bounds. Someone came and adjusted the oven and range, but advised me to get the landlord to hire a licensed contracted to come check them again.

So my fatigue could be due to CO2 exposure. I'm over 20 miles from the nearest hospital and there certainly isn't any public transportation available this late. The advice nurse asked me if I could call 911. Sure I can, but how would I get home after they released me (if they released me tonight)? I'd be trapped out of town all night, would not sleep, and would be a wreck all day tomorrow, unable to fall asleep once I got home.

My other option is to wait to go to the hospital tomorrow, which will allow me to take the bus home. I just have to wake up tomorrow. It's not like I'm at a great risk of dying in my sleep, but there is some risk. The advice nurse said that CO2 stays in the blood and must be treated. I don't feel terrible, but this is about the worse the fatigue has ever been, and I've got a very mild headache now, although my workout could have contributed to that.

Yeah, right after I got off the phone with the nurse, I lifted. I was planning to call an ambulance afterwards. I REALLY didn't want to miss another workout.

I've got a backpack here packed to go, I showered and dressed, but I don't wanna go to the hospital tonight. This is yet another one of those occasions on which I really see the value in having people in one's life. Not that I plan to get any.

The great thing about waking up dead is that I'd never regret it or suffer from it.
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