Feb. 28th, 2017

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My knees are hurting more than ever tonight. It's far from unbearable, but it is uncomfortable. My elbows hurt for a bit today as well, but only mildly. I hope I don't have to stop lifting :(

I broke 80 lbs. on my squat just yesterday. I'm excited about my progress. How disappointing having to quit would be.

I've been having some strong and uncharacteristic sexual urges. That, the fatigue, and the joint pain makes me wonder whether I'm experiencing some weird hormonal stuff.

I finally got some work, a long-term contract! Math-based job, editing math solutions. Just copy-paste so far. Twenty-four bucks per hour for copy paste! Incredible.

The first chapter of Yurugu is about the origins of European cultural thought: Plato's "rationalistic" world view, the basis of which is supposedly the splitting of thought along the lines of emotion vs. reason and the necessity of objectification (self vs. the rest of the universe). The author argues that this splitting set the stage for other types of psychosocial splitting, including Westerners' sense of alienation and disidentification, devaluation, and subsequent aggression towards non-Europeans. 

As I read through this today (particularly the part about non-Europeans adopting this alien world view), I was reminded of the heretofore seemingly unsolvable sense of alienation political differences have occasioned me. Perhaps that alienation can be eliminated or decreased by a change in world view. Of course I've thought of that before, but I don't know what world view could accomplish the task.

Or maybe I don't need any more world views. Maybe I should get out of my head and seek connection experientially. Yeah, that sounds right. That approach accords with my Enneagram too, how neat is that?
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