Mar. 6th, 2017

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Clueless clients and their ridiculous expectations. I would be making good money if

ok, I just put on Coltrane and it's making me so sad. But still I listen.

I would be making good money if I converted even half the job invitations I get into actual jobs. Worse than the fact that most of them are outside my specialty, the clients to whom I actually respond tend to be looking for the impossible.

Had someone today looking to have his website content "re-written." But there's no content on the website to re-write! I was like, shall I re-write your lorem ipsum? My Latin isn't up to par. So then I ask him what he wants me to write, what the guidelines are, the word count, etc. He tells me to just learn everything I can about his business and links me to a competitor. ??? The web pages he wants written seem to be organized by category, and I'd have to do some serious digging to figure out how to split up "everything" about his business into those categories. And the price he offered. 25 pages re-written plus research: $75. NO.

Later, another non-English speaker who's had his research paper rejected by a journal. No problem, I can edit the horrific English of these people. Again I have to ask for specific guidelines. He sends me a flurry of documents from the journal (apparently having no idea how to make his paper conform to basic, general guidelines and expecting me to do so). Maybe I should change the tables. Improve the citations (how does one improve citations?). Basically make major content decisions that he should make. I'm just a copyeditor, I told him. I edit content; I don't create it.

Another day wasted! I waited too long to have lunch because I wanted to get some spices for my potatoes. Blood sugar dropped. One good thing: I found a vegan snack at the "dollar" store! (These dollar stores that sell a bunch of crap for way more than one dollar keep popping up.) So I ate and ate from that vegan snack. Blood sugar would not rise for hours. I felt horrible because I had a client waiting on me to finish some work, but I didn't want to risk fouling it up through brain fog. Went way the hell over my caloric allotment. Felt down.

I'm gonna get huge if I don't stop eating so damned much. I think I know what the problem is. My hypoglycemia was the easiest to manage when I was eating that high carb diet. Now that I'm eating this high protein diet (hit over 107 grams today, and only 5 of that was from protein powder), that effect is gone. So I'm gonna go back to my high carb diet. I'll just have to eat more carbs to hit my protein requirements. It'll still end up being fewer calories than I've been eating this week.

Another problem I think that I've figured out: Lifting too damned much. I remember that I decided to stop squatting 5 sets of 5 reps before I lost my apartment, but the reason somehow got twisted around in my head as "just being lazy." No, that routine was too taxing. That must be why my joints have been hurting. So I've been lifting 4 sets of 4 these past two or three workouts. And I feel better. I might go down to 4 sets of 3 or even 3 sets of 3, especially as I increase the weight.

I used to think that the sky was the limit, but now I think that maybe I won't be able to squat much more than 100 lbs., not for any significant number of reps, anyhow. Oh well. This routine is probably optimized for guys anyhow. What I really care about is being able to deadlift heavy.

It seems that I can never learn everything I need to know to be the editor I want to be. I sit here and I try to cram these rules into my head, and I doubt that they are sticking. The basic grammar stuff was relatively easy, but this stuff that I hardly ever come across in my work (what little of it that I have), it's hard to hold on to. There's no way I can memorize it all, so I have to get a "feel" for it, but that's difficult because I don't often encounter the applicable situations. And studying this amount of grammar is boring! I'm overwhelmed.

And what else is there to say. I feel more disconnected than ever from other people.
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