Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Ladies don't wanna be my friend? :( Mostly guys send me friend requests. Dude has now sent me a second friend request; I denied the first, lol.

I feel so accomplished when I do my laundry in the bathtub.

My latest client who was supposed to be long-term suddenly ended our contract without warning today, so that potential income source has dried up.

One of the toughest things about this editing biz is clueless clients. People don't know what sort of editor they need; some are looking for an editor despite needing a writer. To score work, work that I can actually do, I have to take responsibility for educating them about the different types of editing. I've explained some of that in my profile, but apparently they don't read it.

I finally cracked open my expensive volume on early science fiction. I got all excited, then I tried to look online for some of the works that sounded interesting. Then hair-ripping-out frustration ensued because they are old and rare and of course I couldn't find most of them.

Did I mention the company that offered to hire me at $5-$13 per 1000 words? I earn 2+ times the upper end of that scale right now. I told the rep that her rates were obscenely low. That felt good. Just reading 1000 words is more than five dollars' worth of work. Then there was the company that was offering thirty-five cents per page. I bid at my regular rate and even explained that they couldn't get quality work for so little, yet the rep still tried to hire me at that rate. Morons don't read my profile, don't read my proposal, what can I do?

Now that I have a Windows machine, I'm going to re-contact that company that connects disabled workers with work-from-home jobs. I'm not sure how much that'll help me though because most of the work they manage is phone-based.

So I don't want to deny this friend request again. I want to ignore it. Yet every time I visit the site, I see the notification there at the top of the screen. Maybe if I turn notifications off...

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