Apr. 5th, 2017

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I got my lab results today. Most everything was normal. My Vitamin D was low, so I'm now supposed to take 2 sprays/day of my vegan supplement instead of 1.

My antinuclear antibody or something was positive, so I'm going to be referred to the rheumatologist. Again. I bet the doctor will find nothing wrong with me again.

The cab cost way more than expected again, so I had to wait hours for the bus. During the one-hour ride home, I had probably the worst migraine-induced nausea I've ever experienced. I was afraid I'd puke in the bus. I had the driver drop me off at a fast food restaurant so that I could get some food right away. All this suffering just because I missed lunch.

I was flossing last night when I noticed that the floss smelled bad :( I don't know what that means. Did I just have bad breath, or is something rotting in my mouth? This wasn't the first time I've noticed this since I've been living here. Now I'm afraid to talk to people because I may have bad breath. Why does this body require so much taking care of??

I'm overdue for a dental exam, but I have a feeling there won't be anything a dentist can do to get rid of my bad breath. I'm not sure why; I just have an image of myself as someone who has chronic bad breath. I read somewhere that both anxiety and hypoglycemia can cause bad breath, and I swear I'm always dealing with one or the other, if not both.

So this is what I have to do: I have to find a source of income.
  • have to take better care of my oral health
  • have to keep the house cleaner (I've been doing better at this)
  • have to shower more often (been slacking since I don't have a lot of clothes)
  • have to act just slightly less eccentric. just a little. worrying less will be sufficient for accomplishing that.
  • have to find a vegan
And bam! once I do all that, I'll have a shot at a girlfriend.
I tried to make a soybean meatloaf last night. I mixed the soybeans with my hemp protein powder, but it was still too gooey. So I'll need oats or something like the recipes say. But HOT DAMN did it have a lot of protein. 32 grams, roughly one-third of my total daily protein intake.
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