Apr. 21st, 2017

improperlyhuman: (dark Mulder)
Two important things happened today.

I went to a local blood drive. They would not take my blood because I have sickle cell trait. I think that's a new rule. They also seemed to have some new (and quite thorough) medical screening procedures. I've never been weighed before giving blood. 129.6 lbs. Even though my clothing and the food in my gut contributed to that number, I'm thinking that my thrift store analog scale (which has given me 120 lbs. naked and dehydrated first thing in the A.M.) is off a bit.

This is the same company that wouldn't take my blood when I was homeless. The rep told me that sickle cell trait blood sometimes clogs their filters! Wow. She said I could only give platelets and something else. I felt embarrassed for some reason and left. I did get a free T-shirt though.

Today I also finally returned the call I got from my mental health insurance company a week ago. After a bit of confused discussion, I got a phone number for the same shrink I'd tried and failed to contact before. Well, this number worked. I'm a little embarrassed that I have a therapy appointment next week. I hope that all I've learned about psychology will help me to make good use of this opportunity.

I'm trying to stop using the computer so much. This is difficult because I struggle to concentrate on anything else.

My focus on eating legumes for protein has left me not eating enough carbs. I was dying for carbs so bad, I had pretzels for supper.

I know I'll probably need some more carbs when I eat later. Millet and oat bran are the only traditional carbs I have in the house. I feel that I might get nauseous if I try to eat anymore damned millet, and the oat bran is reserved for breakfast. The grocery store has been closing early lately. My only other choices are snacks at the gas station and the single fast food restaurant in town. I don't really have the energy to go since I couldn't sleep last night, but maybe I'll go after I finish this blog post.
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