May. 19th, 2017

improperlyhuman: (Default)
To change up my fasted cardio workout I went out on my bike instead of staying indoors on the spinning bike this morning. Paid for it with an all-day migraine, albeit a mild one. So pretty much nothing got done today. Again.

I was killing the deadlifts this evening when I suddenly forgot how to deadlift on my third rep. Again!

I looked up technical jobs for people who are better with theory than practice. I didn't come up with much! Maybe software testing.

I have 9 measly OkC matches in a 500 mile radius. What's up with that? This is California. Should be crawling with vegan lesbians. But what would I do with any of them anyhow, given that I'm trapped in town?

Today I started to get super worried and worked up about the possibility of having heretofore unnoticed/difficult to fix shit wrong with me because of my childhood. Worry, worry, worry. When will I stop. When I have something solid to hold onto, a rock I can step on to once I step off the merry-go-round of worry.
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