Jun. 3rd, 2017

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It's 3 AM. Today was grocery day and I was gone for literally 12 hours. Hoping to avoid passenger chatter, I took the earliest bus. More people than usual were riding, but, lo and behold! The ride was quiet. I was content.

I got held up at the diagnostics place because my clinic hadn't faxed my blood work request.

Vital wheat gluten was at the discount grocery store, so I made good use of my food stamps in the protein department. At the gourmet grocery store, I finally found some tortillas that don't have preservatives in them! Hooray. Now I can have burritos every day. I'm pinning my health hopes on this increase in protein.

Yesterday evening, I stuffed myself with a pizza that had an insanely thick crust, then rolled over and zonked out for a few hours. Woke up at 1 AM thirsty but also in need of electrolytes. My body told me that water wouldn't cut it. I went out in hopes that one of our three local liquor stores was open, but was disappointed. So I just had some chilled water (I usually prefer it at room temp; air force boot camp ruined cold water for me). I don't know what I'm doing now. I vaguely feel that I cannot or should not go to sleep.

Oh yeah. And the itchy things on my skin. They don't look like rashes, but the skin is red and there is like one bump for each spot. One on each arm, one underneath the right side of my rib cage. I think there was one on my leg too, but I can't remember where at the moment. Totally random.

Then I had something on the right edge of my tongue, like the irritation from eating sour candies, except I hadn't eaten any sour candies. The skin on my tongue is torn; I've done that before while eating tortilla chips, and I had some day before yesterday. I don't know what to think because these resemble two of the symptoms the rheumatologist told me to look for.

I guess I'll try to go to sleep now. Mildly excited to see how
much protein I'll be packing into a day tomorrow.
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Seems like my high-protein diet is working. Today was the first day and already I didn't really feel much fatigue at all. I was tired from yesterday's all-day shopping excursion, but nothing so debilitating as what I've been experiencing.

I've put myself back on a diet, one with which I am supposed to lose 1/2 pound per week. Not sure this is sustainable because I am quite hungry. No organic potatoes at the crappy local grocery store, and bringing some home with me yesterday would have been too much to carry, so I'm having 4 meals per day instead of the 5 I'd planned.

Although having to space my meals further apart is a pain, the number of meals is not a huge deal because I was able to expand the 4 meals to cover the calories of the fifth. The number of calories I'm supposed to be eating, however, feels a bit too low. Seems to me that I don't workout much, so perhaps it's the muscle I've put on eating up all those calories. Actually, I do need to eat something close to bedtime, so the number of meals might be a bigger problem than I'd previously thought. Perhaps I will put the wheat gluten and wheat bran together as a fifth meal. The gluten did not work so well in my evening stew, and I'm not really using the wheat bran except for a couple of teaspoons in my breakfast.

I had my first homemade burrito in forever and it was wonderful! It was just a simple deal with spiced pinto beans, iceberg lettuce, and store-bought salsa on a whole wheat tortilla, but I quite enjoyed it. I tried mixing the beans with wheat bran for even more protein and volume, but that didn't pan out.
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