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Every time I'm ready to leave camp, something happens to delay me. Today, it began to rain just as I finished getting dressed. I have no waterproof anything, so I sat and waited. Finished three sudoku (medium difficulty) and waited some more, considered calling the social worker and asking her to come to this town to pick me up.

Finally, I could wait no more. I put on a second pair of pants and a hoodie to absorb water and set off. Once in town, I stopped at the first bus stop, hoping to avoid the bridge and get out of the rain sooner by transferring from the local bus to the multi-zone bus. I'd arrived at the stop about ten minutes too late, and only had about fifteen minutes to catch the bus I needed. I rushed over the bridge and made it to the stop as the last person waiting boarded the bus. Not wanting to hold everyone up, I left my bag tied to the bike after I loaded the latter onto the rack.

My ear defenders were in the bag; the only ear protection I had were my Howard Leight reusable ear plugs. Of course, someone having a cell phone conversation boarded at the next stop, sat right across from me, and continued that conversation for some fifteen or twenty minutes, right up until the point of disembarkation, at which point an even bigger loudmouth boarded, the sort of person who talks to everyone about nothing.

I disembarked downtown and checked my mail. Still no transportation check, but there was a letter from Social Services informing me that my cash benefits would be discontinued, effective the last day of this month, because my new worker (the old one retired, I assume) hadn't received the monthly income report. That I'd already submitted.

The social worker picked me up in a government vehicle in front of city hall. She was following a GPS device that was giving her the wrong directions. She took my directions up until we got onto the freeway, then decided to take an off-ramp as per the GPS. Thus we embarked upon a ten to fifteen minute detour.

At the Housing Authority, I had to fill out a new application because I'm having my voucher transferred from one area to another. I left the race/ethnicity boxes blank, but was informed that I had to fill in that information. I think I checked Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic. I don't understand why Hispanic/Not Hispanic is a separate item from the race question.

During my appointment, I found out, yet again, that the process would take longer than I'd anticipated. Because I haven't yet leased an apartment, I'm not yet considered to be participating in the voucher program, so the new Housing Authority has to run a background check, even though the previous Housing Authority already has.

The printout showing my monthly income was missing from my file, but the social worker agreed to drive me to the Social Services Dept. to get another, and said that she would drop off all of the paperwork for me, thank goodness. I don't know which utilities are included in the rent, so I wasn't even able to find out if the apartment will be approved because the cost of utilities might put me over the 40% of my income that is the maximum I'm allowed to be paying. I'm good if the rent covers all of the utilities except electric. The social worker offered me a ride back to town, but I had my bike with me and so I couldn't accept.

After I got dropped off (in the rain), I rushed to the bus stop, only to find that I'd just missed the bus. I then saw that my backpack was partially opened and that my laptop had probably gotten wet. Indeed, it's acting strangely right now. This adventure ran from noon until nearly six-thirty p.m. (the time at which I got off the bus here at the college. I hadn't eaten since breakfast. My clothes are still wet; I'm sitting here barefoot, hoping that my shoes and socks will dry out a bit.

I didn't have much food on me today, so I might go to Taco Bell later. Yuck.
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