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The lone beacon to be seen from the stormy, malevolent sea of Thanksgiving Day was having my phone service restored. Even better, there's a new state program that gives me unlimited minutes and texts, quite an improvement over the 250 apiece I had before. Wonderful California.

So today I got a call from the psychology student who assessed me. Horror of unspeakable horrors, she wanted to reschedule our session for a week after the previously agreed-upon date (Dec. 2). I agreed, because why should I, with my mountains of free time, insist upon a date with someone who has...whatever it is she has to do (I couldn't understand the reason she gave; story of my life with phones)? There was the briefest hesitation in my mind, knowing that the extended wait would cause me to suffer, but I swallowed it.

So I have eleven days to wait instead of four. What've I to look forward to, now?

I did much better in the food department today. Three bean burritos and a tostada.
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