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A lesbian (not queer, not lgbtlolwtfbbq), anti-civ radical feminist separatist and ethical vegan living in a van the woods an apartment, finally a homeless shelter an apartment again.

This blog is about all aspects of my life, including politics. I migrated this blog over from livejournal, but the livejournal is still there under username iconoclass. If you don't want to read about sex/bodily functions, avoid the TMI tag.

For best results, please don't look for subtext!

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2e, anti-civ, anti-civilization, anti-civilizationism, asperger's syndrome, astrophysics, atheism, auditory processing disorder, autism, axiomatic set theory, bay area, bodily integrity, bossa nova, butches, c, california bay area, central auditory processing disorder, chopin, clarinet, classical music, colemak layout, computer programming, countryside, cuddling, debian, delius, dry skin, dvorak, enneagram, environmentalism, ethical veganism, exercise, feminism, fitness, foreign languages, french, gifted adults, giftedness, gothic fiction, h.g. wells, hypoglycemia, ignosticism, internet dating, intj, introversion, jazz, learning new things, lesbian separatism, lesbian-only spaces, lesbians, linear algebra, linux, logic, math, matlab, mbti, migraine headaches, migraines, minimalism, misophonia, morna, music composition, music performance, music theory, natural living, nerds, neurodivergence, neurodiversity, non-gmo, organic, outer space, philosophy of science, physics, primitivism, python, r, radical feminism, radicalism, reactive hypoglycemia, reading, romantic era, rural, russian, san franciso bay area, schizoid personality disorder, science fiction, separatism, set theory, sibelius, skateboarding, spanish, straight-edge, surrealism, sustainability, symbolic logic, textbooks, the twilight zone, trumpet, twice exceptional, ucsc, vandwelling, veganism, voluntary human extinction, wagner, weight loss, weightlifting, wind band, women's liberation, woodwind ensemble, working out, x-files, x-men
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