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Yikes, cronometer says that my weight has gotten to the point at which I have to dip below 1000 kcal per day to maintain my 0.5 lb./week weight loss, just a bit below, but fifty or sixty calories less than I was eating just 1 lb. ago. Only eight or nine pounds to go, but I keep yo-yoing between 113 and 114. Still too much thigh fat.

Got my desk today and the keyboard shelf thingie is much more comfortable to type on. The staining will have to be put on hold while I scrabble to try to get caught up in my MOOCs. I feel stupid wasting all this time sitting indoors instead of soaking up rays but I hate to quit and I hate to fail; I'll take it easy after this is over.

Got e-mail response from audiologist and found out that my report is delayed because she is trying to find some software for me. Yay

I don't miss my old moderate-fat diet at all. I used to be crazy about pizza. I had my old besan crust pizza today. It caused gas and wasn't even that tasty. What I am in love with now is steamed brown rice with steamed kale and the expensive organic low-sodium bouillon I can only find at the higher-end stores and the co-op. I need to make another trip because, stupidly, I only bought one box. Second to that is sushi, which I figured out how to make about 1.5 times better just day before yesterday by adding slightly cooked bean sprouts (which are too bitter when raw).

Basically I eat fruit for breakfast, rice for lunch, and potatoes for dinner, low-fat corn tortilla/tostada, lettuce and salsa on occasion. It's repetitive but aside from the portion size (of dinner, mainly), I'm quite satisfied. Rice is just so good, I could eat it forever.
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I fixed my all-day mild migraine/low blood sugar issue. I just needed a little extra protein. Two teaspoons of peanut butter and two ounces of tofu are what I had today, and I feel fine.

Two hours of sunbathing per day to get my Vitamin D level up. It's a bit boring and a very sweaty affair.

I want some visible abs so I'm cutting way the hell back on sodium. Water weight in the tummy area supposedly hides abs. Also need to lose the abdominal fat, of course. The only difficult part so far is having to deal with the blandness of my mung bean noodles (one of my staples). Low-sodium isn't a big deal with potatoes and rice. I supposedly need to add some cardio as well. Great! Cardio is freakin easy. Don't have a good source, though. I'm not gonna mess up my joints by running on hard-ass concrete and bike is a creaky piece of shit (and there's too much wind around here for much biking anyhow). Maybe some stairs to run up and down? Ready to try to work so that I can afford some exercise equipment and/or gym membership.

I truly wonder what the hell is going on with people who say that a high-protein, low-carb diet is more satiating. Like are their carbs nothing but donuts and crap? I feel very satiated on high carb, low-fat, low-protein diet. Maybe protein, carbs, and fat just don't mix well. Like a person can eat a lot of one or two, but not all three.

Don't really want to do Coursera Data Science Specialization anymore. Too many tiny details to remember in data science. I don't remember details so well. I remember logic. Low score on my second mathematical biostatistics test yesterday, too.

I want to learn more about Japanese cuisine. Especially sushi. It's time to branch out from carrots, green onions, and raw greens.
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I went to VA acupuncture today and the doctor hurt me again. The needles didn't hurt much going in. The pain was caused by the doctor wiggling them around. Why did he wiggle them around?? My civilian acupuncturist doesn't do that. He gave me some info about a new migraine treatment called Cefaly. It looks like something off of Star Trek. An electrode is stuck to the forehead, by which it delivers impulses to the trigeminal nerve (whatever that is). He said I could try it after I'd exhausted my allotted civilian acupuncture treatments. Sounds good to me because I don't want him sticking any more needles in me.

I got a call today from the captioned phone company. They set up an appointment for installation a couple weeks from today. Hooray.

Made black bean brownies this evening. The recipe specifies way too much cocoa, so they are on the bitter side. Now I now why the recipe calls for half a cup of sugar (which is insane). I only used seven or eight turbinado sugar packets.

Felt like crap earlier today, much better this evening, back on with my exercise routine and even a little bit of libido all of a sudden(surprise, surprise. maybe it's the cocoa). Guess I was just stressed from going out so much this past week.


Apr. 16th, 2015 04:37 pm
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Made my first chickpea crust (besan) pizza for a late lunch today and it was delish. It doesn't go too well with nutritional yeast, so I'll stick with Daiya cheese from now on. 

Chickpea pancakes had been a disaster for several days. The flour has a strong, bitterish taste that doesn't go well with sweets. I tried mixing with coconut flour yesterday, but that didn't bake well. This morning, I more or less solved the issue by mashing bananas into the batter, neutralizing the besan flavor. Was great with peanut butter and fruit spread, although next time I'll be sure to not choose a spread that is made of tart fruits.

So that's my new breakfast. A banana smeared with peanut butter was not quite filling enough, but I'll probably still have it on not-so-hungry days. 

My next challenge is besan bread. I haven't had sandwiches in YEARS, not counting the occasional wrap I get from Trader Joe's.

My VA primary care doctor called today. My blood test results are in, and I'm low in Vitamin D. He offered me supplements. I asked if I couldn't just eat something. He told me Vitamin D comes from the sun. I asked if I couldn't just get outside more. He took FOREVER to answer my question, just kept saying, "you don't wan?" I was like, dude, I don't know, why don't you just tell me whether or not I can get Vitamin D from more sunlight? I asked him at least three times.

He finally told me that everyone is deficient, even people who spend time outside. So I was considering the supplements at that point, but then he said "ok," and I responded "ok," and then he said "bye" and the conversation was over before I knew it. The hell? I want a different PCP. In fact, I'd rather have my old PCP back.

I got some information about door-to-door transportation services for veterans, so I don't have to kill myself getting to VA medical centers. So I went ahead and asked for that neurology appointment that is a zillion miles away. I've no idea what the hell I'm going to do there, but I'll jump through the doctor's hoops. I found out that several specialty care departments are at this VA. My local VA is apparently quite small, but there is a huge freaking military hospital right next door, so I don't understand why they don't send me there, especially since the nurse who checked me in said that they could. So I'll end up going to this further VA for much of my care anyways, I might as well have remained assigned there for my primary care rather than dealing with this new doctor who's just going to send me there anyhow.

I called to make an appointment with Ear, Nose, and Throat, wondering why they hadn't called me like Neurology, given that I'd been referred to both. Turns out the nurse wants me to have another hearing exam! Jesus jumped up Christ. I just had one three weeks ago. Maybe they need the results from my civilian doctor. So the person who answered the phone said that she couldn't do anything but leave a note to the effect that I'd recently had a hearing exam, and now I have to wait to hear from the department.

I just got off the phone with my civilian health insurance department. They are trying to solve the problem of no audiologists who perform CAPD assessments in their network. This ought to be interesting.
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