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Today I watched a plodding, dumbass wannabe arthouse movie called Rubber. It's about a violent sentient tire. Stupid as hell.

I just finished The Witch. It was short and not scary. I'd thought it was a horror movie. Not terribly interesting, a lot of build-up to a lot of nothing. Most remarkable for the psychological child abuse to which Christians tend to subject their children.

I had my trigger finger on the pause button because I was afraid that the eldest daughter would end up being tried as a witch, BUT she went out into the woods and joined the other witches so the ending was happier than I'd anticipated.

I've just been getting tireder these past few days.

I'm restless and hella frustrated. I know what I have to do to improve my life, but I'm stuck here in this town until I find a new apartment and have enough money to move. I'm going to have to work extra hard to find more employment online so that I can save up a bit of money. No jobs in town.

I have to be out of here by fall at the latest because I won't make it through another winter. What am I gonna do with myself until then? Suffer, that's what. I'm going to go insane.

I should think about where I'd like to move. I can have someplace happening or I can have some place safe and quiet.

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Spoilers. I just finished watching a bootleg version of Jurassic World. I'm kind of glad that I didn't waste my money on seeing it in theaters. My goodness, where to begin. The entire plot was driven by unbelievably stupid human error. I guess it's arguable that the entire enterprise of creating an island full of dinosaurs is stupid, but this movie went beyond that.

What with the cloning and other bio-mucking about that real scientists do, I've never found the premise of the Jurassic Park enterprise unbelievable, nor did I find the hybrid dinosaur project unrealistic, at least not in terms of whether or not real scientists and engineers would actually undertake those sorts of projects. Scientists will risk the lives of millions and the habitability of the Earth for hundreds of years just for access to nuclear energy. Their shit is already far beyond necrophilic.

But trying to train raptors? And setting a pack of them free on an island? Someone who is presumably responsible enough to own and run the park, a rookie helicopter pilot, decides to fly a mission in an emergency situation? And out-running a T-Rex. With almost no head start. There was even a pig outrunning raptors. Weren't the previous movies a bit more realistic than this? Ok, not the second one. T-Rex loose in a city and no one died.

That brings me to another thing that bothered me: almost no one died. Twenty-thousand people on the island. Multiple dinosaurs on the loose, even airborne ones! That's a perfect recipe for mass death. I guess that I am the stupid one for expecting moviemakers to ever move beyond their unrealistic body counts in disaster movies. I want realism. I want to see people losing their kids. Nature doesn't care about their precious babies. There is like some sort of taboo against children dying violent deaths in movies. Why? Basically, all that happened was that the dinosaurs smashed a bunch of stuff and scared some people. 

And how did the hybrid creature, emerging from a lifetime of isolation, so quickly figure out how to communicate with dinosaurs with which it was only partially genetically related? That part was stupid as hell. They say that genetic diversity increases fitness for survival. I guess that cobbling together raptor, tree frog, and cuttlefish DNA created a genius.

I didn't expect the movie to be great, but I expected better than this. The comical dialog and hokey, misplaced sentimentality was the toothache-inducing icing on this cake of Fail. The beautiful irony about this movie is that the hybrid dinosaur project was undertaken because the public was tired of the other attractions. The Jurassic World park needed to up the ante, and so the people in charge did something stupid. It seems that similar dynamics were perhaps behind the creation of this chapter of the franchise.

I guess that if I want to see people get their comeuppance for messing around with nature, I'll have to set my sights on the real world. How about that cancer rate!? And antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Unfortunate that the people responsible for this sort of crap are probably the most insulated from it.

The dermal and thermal camouflage abilities of the hybrid dinosaur were kind of badass, but I think that maybe the third Jurassic Park film will remain my favorite.

Now I'm all riled up. Maybe I'll go read a Micheal Crichton novel.

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I just finished watching the movie Ex Machina. I found it creepy because men creating (or rather, re-creating) womyn in their own image is not fiction. Corsets and FGM, these crude shaping tools are inferior to the most successful and efficient of all: femininity. The mold that holds. A prison for the mind.

I had my first acupuncture session this afternoon. I hadn't expected to be asked so many questions. Going through my records, the technician did a better job than my PCP getting me to understand the severity of my Vitamin D deficiency. He turned off the overhead lights because of my photosensitivity. I lay on the small cot that was set up against the back wall of the office. He started swabbing spots on my body, including my face, and I asked if he was going to put needles in my head. He answered in the affirmative. Last night, while performing some quick research, I came across an article in which the author claimed to not use needles in the head area for treating migraines,  as this would make them worse. I mentioned this to the doctor. He laughed, but I didn't get any needles in my forehead.

I got stuck eleven times. The first, on the outside of my left leg, just below the knee, hurt way more than I'd expected. I jumped and the doctor did as well. Some spots are more sensitive than others, he told me. OK. Since the placement of all of the other needles besides this one were mirrored on the other side of my body, I assume he didn't want to take a chance with the corresponding spot on my right leg.

Most of the rest were not painful. I got needles on the front of my legs, a couple of inches below the knees. I got needles on the inner part of my legs, an inch or so above the ankles. I got needles in my hands, a centimeter or so directly behind the webbing between thumb and forefinger.

He asked me if I had kids.
I said "no."
He said, "not yet."
I said, "never."

Finally, he placed three needles in each ear. He talked to me about botox injections as a migraine treatment. Botox. Doctors are batshit crazy. I would have to have migraines 24/7 before I would even begin to consider considering that. I didn't ask for it or say that I wanted it, but he left and came back with a brochure for me. I didn't find out until afterwards, but the needles were supposed to stay in for fifteen to thirty minutes. He sat down and began working on the computer, and I lay there, bored and wondering if anything else was going to happen.

The VA has recently unveiled a healthcare program for those of us who live over forty miles away from the nearest VA medical facility and/or have long waits in between appointments. We can get treated in civilian establishments. The doctor told me that I qualify for this program because of how far I'd come to see him (acupuncture is not offered at the VA facility that is nearest to me), and because the number of patients he sees guarantees that the time between my appointments would be at least a month. I don't how helpful this is for me because I don't know if I'll be able to get transportation assistance to local acupuncture clinics.

I left his office after he removed the needles and went over to the secretary's desk to make my next appointment, which I apparently need as proof that my appointment wait time is excessive. I left the botox brochure on the desk.
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Two evenings ago, I watched an incredible movie entitled The Cabin in The Woods. It started (starts? is the convention to talk about movies in the present or past tense?) off like yet another dull, predictable, group-of-attractive-young-people-ignore-ominous-signs-and-go-hang-out-in-a-creepy-remote location, only-to-be-slashed-to-bits-one by-one modern horror movie. However, this familiar stuff is interspersed with curious scenes from some sort of professional company that turns out to be monitoring the doomed youngsters.

Damn. I don't even have the energy to finish this right now.

Anyways, I called my case manager's supervisor and left a message asking if I could get a new case manager. She didn't return my call, but I think that she alerted my case manager because I've received two text messages from the latter, which I have not and do not want to read. I haven't a damn thing to say to her, with her crappy communication and barely legible text messages and invariably staticy phone calls.

Day before yesterday, one of my neighbors randomly knocked on my door and seemed to be on the verge of offering me tamales? WTF. I said that I didn't really like them, which was sort of a lie. I wish they would leave me the hell alone; they are making me uncomfortable. I can't recall ever having had neighbors who make this much of an attempt at "niceness," or whatever the hell they are up to.

An hour or so ago, one of the library volunteers stopped dead in her tracks about three feet from me, her eyes on my screen as I searched IMBD for lesbian movies. When I looked over at her, she moved about awkwardly and mumbled something that had an apologetic ring to it. I wanted to know what the hell that was about.

I made another pot of delicious vegetable and rice soup earlier today, and I can't wait to arrive home and have another bowl. I've been here at the library plowing away at my overdue vocabulary words for about two and a half hours.

I watched half of Desert Hearts this morning. It made me nostalgic for active lesbianism (right now, I'm in passive lesbian mode), but I know that dating is a fool's game. Romance is a little bit better, but still not really worth much effort. I'm very fortunate that I rarely feel lonely. Another reason to love the bejeesus out of myself.

I can be content with my movies and other crap in my life.
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