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Rumors about someone giving one of the male residents a blow job discussed at the dorm meeting this morning. These people are exhausting. The old shelter supervisor has retired, and the new supervisor spoke to us at the meeting. Same old message: stop the drama. But will they stop? A lot of the sane (or mature) people have found housing and are moving out; I'm not looking forward to who'll be moving in.

The creep who's been repeatedly saying hello to me despite my ignoring him is still here! I'd hoped he'd be kicked out after he got written up for coming into the womyn's lounge area on a Saturday night (on the ridiculous pretext of seeing his case manager).

I'm beginning to feel sick. Again. Same itch at the back of my throat. I picked up some oral demulcents at the dollar store while I was there getting baking soda for my laundry (surprise! no clean boxer briefs as of this morning. I'm using my shortest shorts as skivvies.). I've noticed that I don't feel like eating so much when I'm sucking on them, so my new avoid-weight-gain strategy is to have hard candies in my mouth all day. It'll be cheaper than buying food, so why not.

My memory is shot; I'm constantly starting things and forgetting what the hell I'm doing less than a minute later. I've been sleeping through the night these past few days, but I wake up feeling more tired than I did when I barely slept at all. Energy reserves running out. Also, having tremor-type things again, but without the pleasant electricity-on-the-scalp sensation.

I'm almost done reading through all the propositions on the ballot. The marijuana legalization proposition is the by far the longest. I'm not going to bother reading through all that crap, I'm just gonna straight-up vote "no." In the past, I would have been in favor of such a proposition, but now that I'm older and see how frighteningly immature many "adults" are, I fear an increase in stupid, easily preventable accidents with an increase in buzzed Californians. Just look at alcohol. Hell, I'd consider another Prohibition if that got on the ballot.

Medical marijuana will still be legal, so to hell with this universal legalization crap. The extra state revenue isn't worth it. People's lives aren't worth other people being able to legally dull their already dull brains. I'm not happy about people being sent to prison for marijuana possession, but, well...going to prison for that is VERY easy to avoid. They aren't going to die without blunts. People just need to grow up and find some other way to relax or whatever. Isn't it super easy to illegally procure marijuana without getting caught anyhow? I remember my dad used to roll through East Oakland and pick up bags of weed like it was nothing. He looked out for cops but it wasn't a big deal and he didn't seem very concerned.

Relinquishment of the right to a driver's license and the right to bear arms in exchange for some sort of license to possess marijuana is a legalization proposition I might support. I don't know how many morons would still drive without a license, though, and enforcement costs might be too much.

Afghan bread (2 bucks) and Trader Giotti's bruschetta ($2.49) for lunch and dinner today. I also treated myself to a blueberry crunch Clif Bar since I had to bike from the far end of town to the neighboring town on an empty stomach for the bread.

Jumper climbing my bike.

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I found some Vans and a five-dollar pack at an upscale thrift store today. Vans aren't great for walking/hiking, but I don't even care anymore; the shoe situation is too stressful.

I didn't really accomplish anything else because of nausea. I came home and again wasted hours watching Internet videos (and trying to forget disturbing stuff I came across online). I can't really concentrate on much else, including reading the library books I got.

One of those books is about "LGBT" rights and socialism. I've been having a hard time getting much out of it because the agents of homophobic oppression—men—are obscured by the "society did it" explanation that seems common to leftist philosophy. The book says things like "capitalism required" people to live in heterosexual family structures, and that abortion was "economically required."

The anthropomorphism of concepts—capitalism, society, ideology, etc.—represented by the first example is something that I have been noticing in political writing lately. I find it distinctly irritating. Concepts do not want, require, assume, or ignore anything. Only animals do those things.

Sometimes writers use this construction in a way that weakens their own points, muddies their own ideology. This especially makes me wonder if they have an aversion, conscious or not, personal or media-mandated, to assigning blame to people.

This sloppy or intentionally vague language construction is just the millionth reason why political discourse is largely pointless. People can't even articulate their own damned positions, jesus h. christ.

Reading certain words now makes me uncomfortable. These words are neutral words, not words about violence, death, oppression, or anything like that. Reading them makes me remember something that someone on OkCupid said to me years ago, and that's what makes me uncomfortable. I just can't forget! It's madness.

I think that I have trouble forgetting stuff like this because I'm afraid that I'll stumble into a similar situation if I forget, and I know that being in a similar situation will lead to more unbearable devastation and psychological trauma. I feel kind of dumb calling it trauma because the conversation, the actual words and the probable motivation behind them, weren't very serious. But when I look at the effect the encounter has had upon me, the severity mirrors the severity of trauma.

I don't know what to do with myself to make it not a big deal. I'm done with asking people for advice. Few, if any, would understand anyhow, and I seem to do better working things out on my own. Even when I don't really know how to work things out on my own.

Observing my strengths and weaknesses, I have noticed that I am very good at things that come with explicit, step-by-step instructions. I flounder when it comes to things that must be learned or practiced by intuition, implicit "rules," and in constantly changing circumstances. Talking to strangers on OkCupid (and in general) falls squarely into that second category.

Since I can't manage such things the way they are supposed to be managed, I unconsciously try to manage it with my available backup plan, which seems to be a sort of unconscious attempt at memorization via continually remembering despite the unpleasantness of the memories.

Or maybe I can't forget because the situation feels unresolved. And, of course, it will never get resolved. That's the nature of interacting with semi-anonymous strangers. And a large reason why I must avoid such interactions...

For a moment I was stoked about joining a radical womyn's group, but I'll probably hold off on that (if I even do it at all) until my housing situation gets rectified. I'm dealing with too many different kinds of other stress to add social stress to the mix.

Actually. I want to get off the Internet almost completely. That would probably be better for my eyes and better for my anxiety.
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WHY is there such a thing as apartment complexes for migrant workers ONLY???

I was happy to find a website that focuses on rural housing: USDA Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Rentals. I've found, however, that some of these places (most of the places I wanted to live in) rent to migrant or agricultural workers only. In this area, agricultural workers are mostly immigrants.

We have these regions called countries and states, which are controlled by governments that are supposed to administer services to the citizens. Primarily to the citizens. Plenty of California citizens, lifelong citizens, not immigrants, cannot afford housing. Yet someone(s) in power here funneled resources into low cost apartments that primarily (if not entirely) benefit migrants. This makes no sense to me.

And I am pissed that I cannot even apply to live at any of these places. Us citizens like to live in the country too, dammit.

And aren't these places basically enabling agricultural employers to pay low wages? Maybe if someone increases agricultural wages and/or wage oversight, the migrants won't have to rely on special housing complexes for a place to live.

Several days ago I came across an online article that reported a high dissolution rate for formal lesbian relationships (marriages and civil unions). :(
The website listed some online resources for successful lesbian relationships, and that's how I came across the website of Christine Dunn-Cunningham, the Lesbian Love Guru.

So I went to the Guru's website and downloaded my free copy of The Ultimate Relationship Guide, which seemed interesting and practical enough to work. It's a very short guide that starts the reader on the road to finding/transforming a lesbian relationship in four steps:

Step 1
I skipped step 1 because it's apparently for people who are already in a relationship.

Step 2
Next I was directed to imagine my ideal relationship and write about it in detail. I went with a good 'ole bullet list. Two, actually. One for my ideal's personal traits, and one for aspects of the ideal relationship that involve both of us, like how we would interact. My list was almost two pages long.

I put stuff on there like
  • respects children and non-human animals
  • more interested in things and ideas than people and feelings
  • taller than me (that's the only physical trait on the list)
  • weak cultural identification
  • open to alternative forms of communication (so I don't have to kill myself listening)
I highlighted a couple of the items on the ideal relationship list (no PDAs and very little socializing) because I think those preferences may change if I ever become more comfortable.
Step 3
This step was for figuring out what sort of person I need to be/what I need to do to achieve that ideal relationship. Things started to look bleak at this point because I decided that I'd have to figure out how to identify such a person and where to find her. Even worse, I'd have to be willing to meet new people, be able to manage interactions with incompatible people, maintain my morale, and keep resentment at bay. I could push myself through the first via sheer willpower, but I doubt that I have it in me to manage all of the other three. And these are only four of the things on that list.

Of course part of me did not like the fact that I was even working on this, but the other part of me told her that it was just a self-growth or exploratory exercise and that we don't have to actually go through with any of it.
Step 4
This step was about writing a want ad based on my ideal relationship. So I typed up a 500-word want ad. When I read it over, it seemed like I was asking for a shitload of stuff. I've come to see, however, that my personals ads probably only seem to ask for a shitload of stuff in relation to other people's personals ads, and other people take a lot of stuff for granted and therefore never mention it in their ads.

For example, I'm sure many people take for granted that the people who read and answer their ads use deodorant. I've hardly ever read a personals
ad that specified deodorant use. Since I don't use deodorant, and I know it's unusual and something that is important to people, and I desperately want to avoid basic incompatibilities like this so that I don't waste my precious energy on people, I like to mention in my ad that I would like to meet someone who is comfortable with my not wearing deodorant.
I'm supposed to read the want ad every day to fix in mind my vision of an ideal relationship. Easy peasy. I'm also supposed to take steps to become the person I decided I need to be in step 3 to achieve the ideal relationship, So that's where I'm at. And that's where I'll be for a long time, I'm sure.

First, must take care of housing. There is a cottage in my old town that I desperately want (no neighbors sharing a wall!), but the person who posted the craigslist ad has not answered my emails. I wonder if that is because I asked about paying rent with a housing voucher. I wonder if my emails went straight to spam. I intend to ask my housing coordinator to contact this person. I expect that he has some sort of official email address that is less likely to go straight to the spam folder. He probably also knows how to compose an email that reads more professional than my emails.

I have a phone appointment with Legal Aid on Monday. I'm going to ask whether the property owner is liable for my belongings that were exposed to asbestos and the truck I'll have to rent when I go back for the rest of my stuff.

The VA called and gave me a dermatology appointment (in town, fortunately) for next week. Maybe I'll get my skin condition fixed after all these years. Hey, that's one step towards becoming the person I need (or maybe just want) to be for my ideal relationship. Healthy-looking skin is helpful.

I want to eat co-op muffins every single day. I had another one yesterday evening and was afraid that I'd overeat, but I compensated with a very small dinner without being hungry. Being outside of my routine or my comfort zone or something has knocked me off into space. I used to love eating the same thing every day, but I'm struggling with it now. I wonder if this is what emotional eating is like.
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Sudden migraine this evening. I think I'm having vision growing pains. I've been going back and forth between wearing my glasses a little and wearing them a lot. 

It's such a shame that I can't remember what I learned in high school government and politics. I tried to look up our new senator and found out that the election was only a primary. I didn't even know the Senate race included a primary.

I'm uneasy about these candidates' positions on immigration. There are too many goddamned people here in California, especially with these droughts we're in and out of. Shit's gonna start hitting the fan at some point. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. For the rest of your life. Imagine living in San Francisco or LA when water runs out. If only people would stop BREEDING.

I hope I'm dead by the time it all starts falling down. It's gonna be an ugly time to be female. Uglier than usual, I mean. Maybe an asteroid will hit us first. Maybe a miracle will happen and the situation will just get bad enough to turn people away from overpopulation and environmental destruction before the tipping point. Not holding my breath. Air's not quite bad enough yet.
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Several of the federal government's websites need the touch of a web designer. Navigation is awful; could not find my representative's voting record or a house resolution he sponsored. Exhausted myself and could not vote as confidently as I'd hoped.

Finally called VA advice nurse about my fatigue; was advised to make an appointment. Regret not having asked for a different doctor before this. I kind of hope the problem is something other than depression because I can't fix depression.

The advice nurse told me to try to avoid stressing out. lol. Am I stressed? I don't even know; I'm only half-conscious for large chunks of the day.

I'm supposed to hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip for deadlifts. Since the bar is made for larger people, my shoulder-width grip is too narrow to land my hands on the grippy texture at either end of the bar. I've been lifting the bar from the smooth middle portion. Now that I'm deadlifting 115 lbs., that's starting to be a problem.

Those little romances I used to make up in my head? The only thing that got me to sleep for years? I can't really do them anymore. They just seem wrong. Romances, relationships, none of it means anything when there seems to be such a massive canyon between me and other people. It is like thinking about the behavior of another species; I don't really know what it is like for them, I'm just projecting my own mental experience on them like I've been wrongly, unconciously doing for my entire life. I guess it's not easy to explain. I'm tired.
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Sudden depression and exhaustion immediately after orgasm.

The apartment complex will not be getting any more of my money for dryer costs. I put up a laundry line in the apartment today and dried my first indoor load. I tied one end to my power rack and the other to my shower door frame. I wonder how long the drying will take come winter. It's June already! Life moves fast when you start to get old.

People who can't English are running for office. The first response of U.S. Senate candidate Pamela Elizondo to the Green Party candidate questionnaire, copied and pasted:

1. why campaign as Green: the green party is international, the only way to solve worldwide problems is convince the rich of the profit of spending taxpayer's money restoring Earth & Inhabitants greening it everywhere growing marijuana to produce water & be used for all it's uses.

Senate candidate Akinyemi Olabode Agbede (unpronounceable African names FTW), who wants to "rescue America from turning into a third world country," indicates in his candidate statement that "People in Washington has collapsed the economy."

Senate candidate Ling Ling Shi has the candidate statement that resonates the most with me: "Run for God's Heart and America's Freedom, challenge 10 giant chaos in economy and economy-related sectors."

I definitely want someone who is tough on that 10 giant chaos, but Elizondo has the technology to produce water from marijuana so it's gonna be a tough choice.

This is America. Even with the most ridiculous campaign ever, anyone can run for office.

Some thirty people are running to replace Senator what's-her-name.

I spent forever trying to be a responsible voter by researching viable candidates this afternoon. While thinking about how little my one measly vote even matters.
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I'm not an informed voter. Until yesterday, I hadn't seen any of the debates or researched any of the candidates. I didn't even know who was running.

Yesterday, I finally opened the absentee voter ballot I received a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see a bunch of unfamiliar names until I remembered that I'm registered Green Party, and the current ballot is for a presidential nominee, not selecting a president. Phew, I have a bit more time to do my homework

So I looked up the Green Party nominees. One of the nominees has her Facebook page listed on the Green Party website, but no campaign website, as far as I can tell. Since I have Facebook's scripts blocked (and no intention of unblocking them), I can't really get any info on her. What a shitty campaign move, anyhow. Running for president and no website? Low budget.

Another candidate didn't address any policy questions or platform positions whatsoever on his website. These people have made it fairly easy for me to whittle down the choices.

A third candidate articulated a few agreeable positions on his website, but his approach to politics struck me as too cerebral, given the current political climate. He has written a couple of books (and at least one scholarly paper, which costs over thirty dollars per chapter!) about politics and personality that seem interesting; the younger iconoclass with the more peaceful mind would probably have been interested in reading them, but the current iconoclass can't hack it. Anyways, he referred to his political thesis on his campaign website, and this, coupled with the paucity of specific positions, had me edging away.

A fourth candidate has chosen Roseanne Barr for a running mate. His website is one big joke. Literally. He's posted an interview with himself. Not that I find these shenanigans particularly disagreeable.

So I'm going to vote for the fifth candidate, Jill something-or-other, and it certainly helps that she's a womon. No shame in my sex-biased game. If a random man cannot be trusted alone with a child (and they certainly cannot be), he certainly shouldn't be trusted with presidential power. This candidates positions sound like a dream come true: Equal Rights Amendment, extreme campaign finance reform, higher tax rates for the wealthy, etc.

The only position I found disagreeable was taking in Syrian refugees. I'm behind her if she wants to take in Syrian womyn and children. Let the post-pubescent males kill each other. I can't verify the info, but I've heard about the way male Syrian refugees in Germany behave towards womyn. It's believable enough for me, and Middle Eastern countries haven't gotten a reputation for misogyny for nothing. No amount or extent of war crimes against Syrian males could convince me to support inflicting a single one of them on U.S. womyn. In general, more men, Syrian or otherwise, is the last thing this or any country needs.

I wish more people knew about and considered voting for Green Party candidates. I don't know how many do now, but I'm sure there aren't many.

So I watched the first fifteen minutes of a Republican presidential candidate debate. Bunch of stupid shite. I didn't even bother with the rest. I watched half the Democratic debate this evening. Disgusting. I could barely stand to listen to it.

First of all. This wasn't disgusting, just something I wondered about, but these people who are running for office, they are rich, have good educations (I assume. maybe they didn't learn much), come from privileged backgrounds and certainly must have had some sort of grooming or training for a career in politics. Yet their speech skills seem unaccountably rough. I would expect people in their position to be better speakers.

And then, the endless bullshitting. I wonder if politicians ever get tired of bullshitting. What sort of person can even stomach a career of continual bullshitting? Question after question never got answered during the debate. The name-dropping, the facile references to past voting records. Absolutely nothing of substance was said. Some good positions were articulated, but never in depth, never with any implementation details.

I guess part of that is the debate format. But if these candidates had the speaking skills appropriate to their professional and educational backgrounds, and their positions clear in their minds, wouldn't they be able to give better answers? Do they even want to give better answers? Half of 'Murica won't understand if any of them says anything too complicated.

Maybe they're just going along with the loudmouth popularity context thing. But haven't the polls consistently shown that most people who bother to vote are educated and (chronologically) mature? Wouldn't candidates and their campaign managers conclude that a more nuanced and professional debate would appeal to this group?

I think I'll stick with voting records and campaign websites in the future. These debates are disturbing and a waste of time.
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I spent a lot of time shopping for new cloth menstrual pads on Etsy today. Of all the ridiculous bullshit, the FDA has classified cloth pads as medical devices and is regulating the industry! I found a number of sellers who had shut down their shops because of this. I am PISSED. 

This is a small industry in which womyn help other womyn and the environment, all while enjoying a hobby and making a bit of money on the side, a 300% positive thing. No one is making tons of money from this (except maybe companies like LunaPads, from whom I stopped buying years ago because of their ridiculous queer politics), and the FDA is apparently requiring some sort of...I don't know, something that sellers are probably being charged for. A couple of sellers claimed to have some sort of FDA approval, which undoubtedly was not free.

Another blow to small business. This is the kind of bullshit that happens with government. No government is or ever was for the people. Slips of fabric with plastic clasps sewn into them categorized as medical devices! Absurd.

I hope people are able to sell their stuff underground. I sure as hell don't care about the FDA's approval (the FDA has approved straight up poison; its approval is worthless).

My last seller closed up shop shortly after I made my first order, and the pads I found at the co-op were too small, so I need a new seller. I went through a ton of Etsy shops and couldn't find any fully dark-colored pads. I was surprised at all the white pads?! Who wants to buy white fabric to bleed on?? I gave up.

What I did find on Etsy was an uncoated, unpainted metal dustpan. FINALLY. I've looked all over for such a thing. I want to avoid paint and epoxy and whatever the hell else breaking down in my breathing space, and I sure as hell don't want any more plastic. Every damned thing is poisoned nowadays! I think the end of the world is maybe just going to come really slowly: each generation dying a bit earlier than the last of cancer, along with obesity and diabetes. But people in the less industrialized regions have a chance to survive that if their societies remain less industrialized.

While I was in the shower this afternoon, it hit me that I'd messed up the MLA citations on my editing test. Oh well.

I was not happy to find that my cut-offs fit a bit tighter in the thighs when I got dressed today. On the bright side, my appetite is slowly normalizing. I only had protein pangs once today; mostly I had my regular old ignorable hunger pangs. I don't expect it to be difficult to get back into the swing of eating normally.
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I wish I knew of a more appropriate word than "anti-intellectualism" because "intellectualism" has a a connotation of useless, ivory tower crap (in my mind, at least) and that's not what I mean.

Rejecting and opposing ideas because they are "extreme" (a judgment which is at least partially subjective, and based on relative cultural constructions), rather than on an analysis of their pros and cons, is anti-intellectual.  Extreme solutions can be useful, appropriate, and successful; moderate one can be useless, harmful, and disastrous.

What was I going on about last night? I think that's what they call catastrophizing.

Today, I noticed that my breasts look nicer than they used to :)
I think that I almost kinda had a little bit of pectoral muscle that I was able to flex as well. Maybe it was just light and shadow in the mirror.
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I once read a quote, from DGR: Strategy to Save the Planet, I think, that has stuck with me. It was something to the effect: liberals think of life as a mental exercise. This attitude illustrated well in the comments to this article, in which author explains privilege by way of a video game metaphor.

In particular, the responses to the posters who ask, "ok, we're privileged, now what?" suggest...almost nothing. Almost nothing that would achieve anything, anyhow. It's unbelievably underwhelming.

For example, The Pint here says:

Basically, once you’re aware of your privilege, try to use it to help others who don’t have it, LISTEN to the experiences of those who don’t have your various privileges to try to understand how it affects them, keep learning and understand that you will probably make mistakes and be called out for being blind to your own privilege at various points no matter how good your intentions are (and when that happens, again, remember to LISTEN), because privilege is deeply embedded in the way we live and no one is going to completely understand or grasp all of it without a lot of self-examination and work – in other words, don’t be an asshole.

In other words, be nice. Meanwhile, the structure of the world stays the same because individual people (the people who need the message the most, of course, won't even listen) can't have much of an effect, especially if all they are deploying are personal solutions aimed at symptoms rather than causes. It's as if one person just recognizing her own privilege makes a difference. It doesn't. It's just a thought.

Similarly, benjb suggests:

a) watch our own thoughts for bias.

b) Vote and agitate for a more equitable political future; and vote with your money and time for a more equitable cultural situation.

and c) Let your voice be heard. I don’t like to rock the boat, but maybe the next time I hear someone complaining about some (mythical) “minorities always complaining instead of making their lives better”, I should speak up and try to make this argument clear.

Participate in the system, according to it's rules...and just hope? And again, be nice. And don't let other people be not nice!

This is so sad. We are doomed. They don't see that this is a zero-sum game. Rotten to the core. Cannot be fixed with awareness. The world is now based on competition that most of us are loosing from birth until death. These trifling acts of kindness won't change that structure at all, and they certainly won't have any effect on the damage that is being done to the Earth in the process of society continuing itself, which is far more important than whether or not people are mistaken about how difficult everyone's life is. Far more fundamental and worthy of mention than lending a "helping hand" to other players, we should be trying to end the game.

This whole conversation is so...small. There is nothing here about the most important aspects of privilege: the differential means of survival. It's all about interpersonal interactions. But if we rise up and take away the material means of the maintenance of privilege, rather than expending energy on discussing it, we kill two humans with one nuclear device: they can't keep us out of their country clubs, AND they can't starve us to death. We destroy their country clubs and take all the goodies with which they are stocked. But this endless discussion of privilege that I've noticed...this is about keeping the country clubs, and everyone (hopefully) learning (and agreeing, must not forget that step) about the fact that the country clubs are not fair, and helping other individual people get inside. Meanwhile, the watering of the country club lawns is pushing us into a drought, the weed killer is poisoning our air, the arable land from which the club gets it's food is being destroyed to expand the grounds, and people keep reproducing at a rate that will ensure that they will exceed the membership capacity.

I'm terrible at explaining this.

The really scary part is that the basis for this whole awareness thing is the hope that the people with privilege will reach out and fix things. Jesus H. Christ. Rely on people to give up their advantages. What a terrible strategy. I once read something a conservative wrote about liberals thinking of people as inherently good. I wonder if the awareness thing is motivated by that.

One comment I found particularly disturbing:
Privilege cannot be ended solely by those who do not have it; women demanded the vote, but men who already had it extended it to us, because they saw an inequality, they saw an advantage they had, and they felt everyone ought to have that advantage. So they *shared* their privilege, elevating everyone, instead of *giving up* their rights.
It's clear here that we are to wait on our oppressors to free us. How depressing that someone doesn't think we can overcome on our own! We can. What this voting example truly shows us is that, if we try to work within the system, we have to rely on those who are in power to give us what we want. That is the precise reason why the system must go. Necessary reliance on our overseers just proves that we are slaves. And liberalism is all about making slavery more comfortable. I wonder if lots of people truly believe that they have so little power, even in large numbers.
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Goody gumdrops. I'm not the only person who recognizes liberal racism.

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Of late, I stop and notice all of the people around me. I think of the masses of humans in the world. And it boggles the mind, that a woman gave birth to every single one of them. Every single one! All that work. The untold hours of labor, of pain. The months and months of carrying around extra weight. All that effort, generation after generation.

And this is what men think of all of that work: Today I flipped through an edition of Time magazine and read an article about Mitt Romney and Mormonism. The author reported that early Mormons, facing ostracism and religious oppression, had to be practical. They were few in number, and, in their practicality, decided that Mormon men would take multiple wives to raise those numbers. They wanted to grow their fucking cult, so, they turned to women, their baby machines, and decided that each guy would knock up more of them. Nevermind all that extra work that women had to endure! What's nine months and x hours of labor, what are repeated pregnancies in the face of "practicality"? It was practical for men; that's all that mattered.

Here is my first draft plan. The goal is to the cripple the government by decreasing its funding. Without their goddamned paychecks, useless politicians literally will not be able to afford to sit on their asses making decisions for us, declaring war in our names. They will have to go out and actually earn a living. Can you imagine spoiled politicians actually working? Not only would it be beautiful, it would do them good. The same goes for many other Americans. Of course, I harbor no illusions concerning the number of them that will willingly adopt this plan.

Citizens can put an end to government by not paying taxes. The easiest legal way to avoid taxes is to earn to liitle to be taxed. We therefore want as few people working as possible, with as few work hours as they can manage.

The first step: people have to stop having kids. Kids tie people to work and the economy because they cannot provide for themselves. The less dependents one has, the less one must work. A massive decrease in the birth rate will go far towards shrinking the economy; less people employed = less tax revenues. It will also decrease competition for jobs, shifting power from employers to employees. The wealthy should be encouraged to drop out of the job market altogether. As the pickings for hiring become slim, job application rejections and firings will decrease, and there will be a period of increased job security. Employees must seize upon this opportunity to make employment demands that will further weaken the economy. Higher pay, shorter work days, more vacation time. Employers with fewer hiring choices will be more willing to hire inexperienced and semi-skilled labor. These workers' lack of skills increase employers' time and financial investments, which slow economic growth.

Along with fucking up the supply sid of the economy, citizens must decrease demand. They must stop buying unnecessary crap. Stop buying gas, stop taking random trips. Keep the family close together to eliminate travel costs associated with visiting. Once they have to rely on their own labor just to get a meal or keep a clean shirt on, and can see firsthand how much work that is, having friends and relatives close by will prove its worth. Save and/or pool money to purchase necessities that will last rather than repeatedly buying the products of "planned obsolescence." Buy motor homes and live in vehicles rather than renting or purchasing homes. Conduct mass rental strikes, in which all apartment building tenants refuse to pay the full price of rent. Landlords can't afford to evict everyone, especially with dwindling demand for traditional dwellings. Obviously, people will have to learn some fundamentals of collective organization. Once the government's economic base is weakened, law enforcement will become spotty and downright absent in some places. People will be able to set up tents, build cabins, etc. with impunity, especially in sparsely populated areas, where law enforcement is most likely to have become nonexistent.

Outright theft of goods, if deployed at all, must be used selectively. Corporate retailers should be priority targets. Attempts should be made to absorb small, local retailers, as well as individuals, into barter economies. Economic independence should always be the goal, however. Even barter economies can explode into systems of exploitation under the right circumstances. Along with bartering and decreasing purchases, people can decrease demand by acquiring the skills to provide for their own needs. Cooking, sewing, small-scale farming, canning, vehicle and dwelling repair, home-schooling, trade skills, candlemaking, and composting provide for self-sufficiency.
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